As a coffee roaster we source our coffee seasonally from all over the world. The coffee we roast is sourced based on three main principles – quality, traceability and freshness. As coffee is a seasonal product we work with some of Australia’s finest green coffee buyers to obtain coffee which fits our needs.

Then we have fun with it! A blur of tasting, slurping, sniffing, tasting and more tasting. We enjoy every step of the process from the sourcing and roasting to tasting and getting the coffee into a cup for people to enjoy.

We specialise in coffee for home use and our retail range offers delicious options for all uses. We custom roast blends and single origins for home espresso, filter and stovetop.

Our coffee is served at many of our favourite and most well regarded local venues and we are fortunate to work with so many like minded and passionate people.

Hank the Coffee Roaster.