Two Before Ten first opened in August 2008 as Enter Café - a standard little city café, keeping office workers happily caffeinated and nourished on fresh gourmet sandwiches.  


We rebranded as Two Before Ten in 2011 when we began roasting our own coffee.  


After ‘popping up’ our Ten Yards Regional Produce Restaurant and opening A.Baker in 2013, we spent 2014 moving our roastery to the Aranda Shops, which had been empty for almost two decades.


The Aranda Shops project fundamentally changed the focus of Two Before Ten and clarified our purpose as a business. The revitalisation of the site was incremental and relied heavily on support from the community and the gifting and re-use of materials from everywhere imaginable.  The community is what made the project possible and they are what continue to make it worthwhile.


So, now we are in business to build communities.  We only work with people who share our values and support their community.  For us, business is about engaging with our clients on product, service and knowledge to help them be as successful as possible so they may then give back to the communities that support them.


Our approach is sustainable, in the broadest possible definition of that word.  It’s not just about saving the planet; it’s about caring for its people – our suppliers, our customers and our staff.


The success of the Aranda project has allowed us to expand in recent years, opening in Canberra City, Canberra Airport and Brindabella Park.  Our expansion is driven by what the community needs.  We open where others won’t, to try and build community in those areas.


The expansion we are most proud of is the number of our staff we have helped to open their own stores, including: JJ at Twelve Espresso in the City, Ruaidhri at Nomad @ UC, Blake at The Front Gallery and Café in Lyneham, and Tim and Tristan at Atlas Café in Gungahlin.


Our Greenway site is a collaboration with Tim and Tristan from Atlas Café in Gungahlin.


Helping people to help other people – that seems like a good way to build the future.

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