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Coffee Origins - El Salvador Sierra Nevada

Updated: Jun 28

Region: Los Naranjos, Santa Ana

Altitude: 1500

Process: Natural

Varietal: Bourbon

Notes: Dark chocolate, cherry, raspberry

Used in: Atlas Blend, Single Origin grinder at The Front Gallery & Cafe in Lyneham

This farm is owned by Edward and Liliana Neuwald, siblings and fourth generation coffee producers, and developed by local badass Aida Batlle. This incredible woman is committed to sustainable practices throughout every step of the farming process. Experimenting with non-traditional varietals to increase productivity, precision picking to reduce wastage, making cascara from the typically unused coffee pulp and paying her workers nearly double the average wage are just some of the ways Aida is making a difference in the coffee world. She is also well-known for winning El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence Award selling coffee at record breaking prices, proving quality beans and sustainable practices don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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