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Coffee Origins - Ethiopia Guji Dari Kojuwa

Region: Melkalati, Guji Zone

Altitude: 1750-2100

Process: Natural

Varietal: Mixed heirloom (Guji local landraces and JARC improved coffee varieties)

Notes: Blueberry, strawberry, apple, floral, red grape

Used in: Poundcake Blend, Single Origin Filter Roast

Ethiopia is notorious for its complex coffee export process, discouraging smallholder coffee farmers to export their product. With the aim of improving this process, Dararo Farmer’s Group was created to supply superior quality, traceable and unique micro lots directly from producers. Getu Bekele at G Broad works with private washing stations, private coffee exporters, coffee estates and out-growers to source high quality and traceable coffees in a very sustainable way and has been successful in assisting the smaller farms to complete the export process efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

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