• twobeforeten


Updated: Apr 17

Ingredients & Targets

Dose 16-21g of your favourite Two Before Ten Blend

Fine grind

Water (Yield) 30g (22-40g)

Pour Time 20-30 seconds


Grind your coffee just before brewing to get the most flavours from your espresso. A suitable grind should feel like fine sand, but not powder. Fill the portafilter basket with ground coffee and tamp firmly and evenly. Lock the portafilter back into place on the machine, place your cup underneath and begin the pour. It’s a good idea to time how long your espresso shot takes to pour and how many grams of coffee end up in the cup. Try aiming for a 2:1 ratio of espresso to ground coffee, eg. 18g ground coffee and 36g in the cup, and adjust from there.

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